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The gold-standard of qualitative research, Ethnography gets to the heart of consumers’ lives by interacting with and/or observing them in their own environments, on their own terms. Whether at home, the gym, the bar or the hair dresser, the goal is to achieve a deeper emotional understanding of consumers and their usage of brands and products. And sometimes you even get invited to stay for dinner!

3D of Me™

A powerful pre-discussion tool that incorporates consumers’ chosen visuals, music, words, colours and feelings. Visually evocative, it uncovers deep insights into attitudes towards brands and products. Our clients tell us they hold onto their favourites, sometimes for years afterwards!

Focus Groups

Focus groups have inspired countless clients since the 1960s. We think we do them best: with inspiring pre-discussion assignments and creative and engaging exercises rooted in Social Psychology. The goal is to bring consumers on a journey to a more insightful place, where the ‘why’ behind their behaviour – their belief systems and core human needs - is revealed and understood.

One-on-One Interviews

If breadth AND depth of questioning is key, one-on-one interviews (IDIs) are the way to go. Whether in a central facility or out in the real world, they allow for greater intimacy of connection and sharing between consumer and researcher. The result is more thoughtful reflection, and more thought-provoking insights across a wide range of questions.


What do you get when you put respondents, researchers and clients in one room together? A collaborative and wildly innovative research session carefully led by our experienced team. Unique participant groups are divided into teams and spend 4 hours exploring, creating and ideating new marketing ideas.

Speed Dating

Just like the name suggests but with ideas instead of prospective spouses! Consumers rotate in pairs through a series of tables each led by one of our research team members. This is a great way to get consumers thoughts, behaviours and reactions to ideas at various stages of a brand interaction. You won’t believe how fast the time goes!

Circle The Wagons

With this approach, consumers pair up with a researcher and a client and head out into the field to observe a consumer experience first-hand. The full team of research and client partners quickly regroups to download and elevate the learning into insights and actionable plans.

This is a fun and interactive one-day research tool you won’t soon forget!

Personal Pyramids®

This is a proprietary tool often used as part of focus groups, online bulletin boards and even team-based research approaches. Consumers build their ideal bundle of messages from a pre-created list to net out with the most motivating case to purchase a product or service.


Using an online platform or mobile app, consumers are invited to participate in activities and share written responses, photos and videos of themselves giving us a window into their homes or lives on-the-go. A cost-efficient way to conduct research across the country or in multiple countries; any where, any time.

Discussions In-situ

Why not talk to consumers where they interact with your product or service? Discussions in-situ are lively and engaging, and take place in a non-traditional setting where the product or service being researched is typically used. No backroom? Not to worry, clients are still welcome and refreshments will still be served.


There is no better way to understand the behaviours & motivations behind consumers’ shopping habits than to shop along with them! A researcher embarks on a shopping trip with the consumer in real-time. Together, they shop the aisles, racks and shelves, giving the researcher the opportunity to dig deeper into the consumer’s shopping mindset. No purchase necessary!

Customer Journey

Follow the path that leads to consumers’ purchase decisions and uncover the touch points they encounter along the way. Take a view into consumers’ full shopping experiences, from beginning to end, to truly understand what drives their purchasing behaviours. Buckle up! It can be a bumpy ride.


Dragons’ Den Innovation Workshop

A crazy & competitive way to have internal stakeholders create opportunities for investment by management. Teams present their ideas to the Dragons(judges), including the minimum investment needed to test viability. Unlike in school, there really are winners and losers.

Disruptive Innovation Workshop

n this workshop, teams gain a deeper understanding of what disruption can look like. Then they work together to use the principles of innovation to uncover brave new opportunities within their business, category and/or brand


This is a day that intersperses consumer focus groups with facilitated strategic client sessions – sometimes 4 of each in a day! Learning from one session is used in the next. By the end of the day, you’re tired yet exhilarated, because you’ve arrived at a solid conclusion, altogether. It can seem miraculous.

Propportunity® Sessions

A facilitated forum where teams identify Problems and work together to turn them into Opportunities: hence propportunities.



This facilitated process moves a brand from strategic ambiguity to total clarity. It involves customers/ consumers in the early stages, then key brand stakeholders for one day. The outcome: a powerful brand strategy all on one page, including a 2-word summary for its future style and experience. Once you’ve done one BrandDestiny® in your career, you have trouble working without it for your current brand. It’s THAT helpful.