Health & Beauty

When a successful line of products is evolving to create a brand relationship, it needs to figure out
how to dimensionalize its new Brand promise in a meaningful and humanistic way, to ultimately result in
a Brand creative idea.

Methodology magic

  • Conducting a heads up IdeaSwap® with 4 groups of consumers in one day, interspersed with 4 facilitated strategic sessions between each one.
  • Attendees included Client marketers & insight champion, Agency planners and creatives, and 2 heads up members.
  • The focus group discussions evolved as insights and hypotheses were identified along the way.


The team co-created 13 alternative positioning territories: what the Brand and consumers shared, how the Brand would need to act, and how it was meaningful to people’s lives.
The 13 were later evaluated and culled down to 4 for concept creation and testing.
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