Quick Service Restaurants

When an entire Company feels too disconnected from its consumers, it needs a new, engaging, process to inform and inspire hundreds of decision makers.

Methodology magic

  • Creating an intimacy with the consumer that hadn’t been experienced in the Company before.
  • Holding 4-hour group discussions across the Country on a quarterly basis, web-streamed to head office where marketers gathered to experience the learning in real time.
  • Needs were identified by all departments, and prioritized for each session.
  • Stimuli could go as high as 55 pieces!
  • Each focus group covered what had just been executed by the Company and competitors in Canada, what was about to be executed, and what could be fast-adapted from Global for the future.
  • Impressions at the Brand level were always tapped into.
  • The methodology was broadened to also include groups of employees.


Learning was immediately used to fine-tune current projects and create tactics for the short term.
We witnessed the Brand relationship strengthen over 12 months.
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